Aug. 9th, 2012

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There's this confusion that comes... at the worst time.

It's when you've been warning your child not to do something for quite a while, and they just won't listen to you. Like, for instance, when your son is swinging around his bed on the 3 foot bedpost. And despite informing him that it's dangerous, that it's unsafe, and that it can break his bed, he keeps on swinging around.

And then, one night, while getting ready for bed, you hear a crack... and you know exactly what happened. Entering the room you are faced with a choice between the merciful and the righteous. The merciful answer is to pick up your kid and comfort them... tell them how sorry you are, and how it's all going to be ok. But even if that is the path you choose, you will still feel the nagging call of righteousness... where you remind them how many times you've warned them about this, and point out what their folly has cost them.

So that confusion sets in... where you ponder where the teachable moment begins and ends, and where ignoble "I told you so"s take control. In tonight's case, I think I handled it pretty well. But it really is impressive how your children can make you ponder how much of a douchebag you could be if unchecked...

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