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So the emergence of an LJ Nostaglia group on Facebook has inspired a lot of people to renew their interest in Livejournal. The loss of "long form" journaling and the lack of unique comraderie that developed in this medium has apparently even effected me. Is it possible to renew your interest in old social media? Can I double-dip into LJ and walk out not feeling like I'm simply trying to recapture old glories? We'll see.

As it is, I've been apparently missing my old glories pretty seriously. Play On Con was last week, and for the first time in a long, long time, I kept up with pretty much everyone...and it made my weekend. I got less than 4 hours sleep each night, drank like a fish, stayed in the pool till the sun chased me out, flirted like a madman, and hosted events with my "host personality" in full effect. I seriously felt 10 years younger, and got a renewed sense that my existence held the ability to effect my world. At home, with the kids, things can feel petty and small... like the entire world is encompassed in one or two wants that need to be fulfilled. When I'm feeling strong, I feel like I can serve elaborate and complex interests, giving people something they didn't even know they wanted. It's kindov magnificent... and I certainly missed it.

So now I'm back to my regular life... where my kids bicker, my time is squandered, and drinking much of anything give me an abominable hangover. So we'll see if I can maintain my sanity till the next time I feel potent and able to mold my own reality with any efficacy. There are some changes on the horizon for me, and I might be leveraging my small amount of e-fame into a full-time job. That would please me greatly.

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