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Happy Halloween!

For Halloween, we took Duncan trick-or-treating to his family and his godfather.
We figured they'd enjoy the get-up...

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"Mommy! This isn't like grass... it's SOFT!"

Wendy went with Victor, Lori, Alexandra, and Peter Ditoro to the pumpkin patch last month...
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I know I took forever getting this up... but hey, we've been a bit busy...

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Jun. 8th, 2007 03:28 pm
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Pictures of this year's garden:

Here's my herbage... Rosemary closest to us, with Jalapenos to the right.
That's my HUGE Sage shrub in the middle back with some Oregano up and to the left.
Basil in the middle with some Thyme and Dill, a Cheyenne plant in the middle front,
with two Romas to the left of that. I added a couple flowers for color and there's
a Tarragon plant that's hiding behind the Oregano.

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"Indy, why does the floor move? Asps. Very dangerous. You go first."

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I decided to stay at the Chef's Table after a long talk with Aunia. She was under some impression that I didn't care about working for the restaurant anymore, and explaining how I had planned on working for her for the rest of my life shook that impression. She explained that she has no idea why she has so much trouble talking to me, and even shared with me that I'm one of the few men who can make her cry. So we agreed that I'd keep working with her.

A little bit of my job is still in limbo, however. Sabine is still doing some goofy things that I have no understanding of, and I constantly feel like the small things I was actually able to achieve in the past are being swept aside without much discussion. I'm doing my best to let it go, and hope I can evolve past caring about the nitpicky details. It's just difficult watching your actual accomplishments go away when you've felt powerless to affect things in the workplace... We'll see how it all works out.

Claren peed blood in our bathtub, so we took her in to the vet. They put her on some antibiotics and we set a new appointment. 2 weeks later, she started throwing up everywhere. A return visit let us know that those pills sometimes induce nausea, and we scheduled an ultrasound. 2 days later, she hadn't had anything to eat since the last appointment. A return visit got her an X-ray... she has a fairly large gall stone.

$1200 surgery is a big deal for a pet... but I'm not sure we can skip it. She's a part of the family, and even though she's ten, she could live for another 8 years or so. She's a sweet, sweet kitty, and I don't want to subject her to six months of a special diet that MIGHT get rid of the stone. We'd prefer to just go ahead and get it out, rather than let it roll around in there while we see if the food works. It just doesn't seem logical otherwise.

The last time I had kitty surgery on the table was when Felicia had a broken leg. Poor Felicia... I wish I knew what happened to her.

Duncan is doing GREAT! He's gotten a lot fussier over the weeks, but he's still an amazing little kid. He sure knows how to put his daddy through the paces, and there's something to be said for that.

He's gotten really talkative, and actually rolled onto his back the other day. I can't get over how he looks at Wendy, and I love to go to bed at night with them curled up together. He sleeps way more soundly on her than he ever does on me. I need the bewbies.

He's getting Christened on Sunday at church. Wendy's friend, Xan, will be the godmother, and one of my groomsmen, Phillip, will be the godfather. I'm mostly agnostic, as everyone probably knows, but I do think that being raised around faith is important. I can't help but feel a little twitchy with certain customs, though... this feels like a dog and pony show at heart.

Video of Duncan (4.9M wmv)

Life at home is dreamy. My wife is the greatest woman I've known. We still play a lot of WoW, we've started watching a lot of House, and we can't stop staring at our son and smiling when he tells us about his day. My garden looks great, even if the drought is killing my yard.

Being daddy-day-care is tough, and Wendy is significantly better equipped for sedating him than I am, but it's rewarding. I hope to start up a regiment of regular weekly activities once he gets less fussy and is sleeping a bit more regularly. I figure we'll hit parks one day, go shopping another... but right now it's just keeping him napping or occupied between feedings. heh...

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I never actually look at what pictures I've taken with the phone on my camera. Here's what I've taken over the past five months.

Ok, I didn't actually take this one. Will sent it to me...

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"Look, Pops... don't you think you've posted just about enough pictures of me?"

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It's been a month, and we're still blessed with the best baby that money can buy...
can money buy babies? Who knows, but we're very happy with the one we got.

Here's a few more pictures, enough to sedate the relatives... :)

Dr Light delivered our bundle of joy... and he's a bundle of joy as well.

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We've spent a week with our little angel and he's doing great. He's mild mannered and typically doesn't fuss. He loves his mommy and daddy and has taken to feeding quite well. We couldn't have asked for a better baby.

Here's a few pictures from the last week.... just so you can see he isn't always going to be a conehead.

Susan came by and visited us. She's the wonderful woman who married us.
She brought Duncan a great duck silky.

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