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The chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, Saul Anuzis, is circulating a petition among Republican National Committee members to ban Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul from more debates.

"The chairman of the Michigan Republican Party said Wednesday that he will try to bar Ron Paul from future GOP presidential debates because of remarks the Texas congressman made that suggested the Sept. 11 attacks were the fault of U.S. foreign policy," reports the Associated Press.

Fancy that... Listen to what Ron Paul has to say... I think he's brilliant.

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I love how people like to trot out the corpse of Reagan as the savior of all mankind. I actually liked the old coot till I start seeing all the hero worship going on. People love to remember how good he made them feel, but conveniently forget certain key details about his presidency.

Short memories and all...

Take Guilliani in the debate the other night:
Ahmadinejad is clearly irrational. He has to understand it’s not an option. He cannot have nuclear weapons. And he has to look at an American president, and he has to see Ronald Reagan.

I've heard several websites reply to this with confusion. (This was one of the 40 times Reagan was mentioned in the 90 minute debate, btw)

Matthew Inglesias asked: "Is that the version of Ronald Reagan who sold the Iranians weapons, or it is the version that sought to check Iranian power by sending Don Rumsfeld to Baghdad to assure Saddam Hussein that the United States didn’t really mind if he used poison gas to attack the Kurdish civilian population?"

Dick Cheney seems to have better memory than most people, "If we follow Congressman Murtha’s advice and withdraw from Iraq the same way we withdrew from Beirut in 1983…we will simply validate the al Qaeda strategy and guarantee more terrorist attacks in the future."

Reagan was a great feel-good president... but he had his flaws... his own unique ways to screw things up that left us in a lurch. I'm glad he came along and inspired people to start pulling down the governmental tax brackets, but he wasn't the amazing universal god-emperor that most republicans would have you believe.

By the way, these are the questions that Crooks and Liars wanted answered in the debate the other night...and I like em:
  • Should the President have power to imprison U.S. citizens without charging them with a crime and without providing them a judicial forum in which they can contest the accusations against them, as the Bush administration did to American Jose Padilla?

  • Do you think the process of waterboarding — where the U.S. takes prisoners, straps them to a chair, and pours water on their face so they are in terror of drowning to death — is a practice consistent with America's moral credibility in the world?

  • A recent worldwide poll showed that under the Bush presidency, America has become the third most unpopular country in the world — right behind Iran and just ahead of North Korea. Why do you believe that has happened?
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The American Freedom Agenda’s (AFA) mission is twofold: the enactment of a cluster of statutes that would restore the Constitution’s checks and balances as enshrined by the Founding Fathers; and, making the subject a staple of political campaigns and of foremost concern to Members of Congress and to voters and educators. Especially since 9/11, the executive branch has chronically usurped legislative or judicial power, and has repeatedly claimed that the President is the law. The constitutional grievances against the White House are chilling, reminiscent of the kingly abuses that provoked the Declaration of Independence.

The 10-point American Freedom Agenda would work to restore the roles of Congress and the federal judiciary to prevent such abuses of power and protect against injustices that are the signature of civilized nations. In particular, the American Freedom Agenda would:

  • Prohibit military commissions whose verdicts are suspect except in places of active hostilities where a battlefield tribunal is necessary to obtain fresh testimony or to prevent anarchy;
  • Prohibit the use of secret evidence or evidence obtained by torture or coercion in military or civilian tribunals;
  • Prohibit the detention of American citizens as unlawful enemy combatants without proof of criminal activity on the President’s say-so;
  • Restore habeas corpus for alleged alien enemy combatants, i.e., non-citizens who have allegedly participated in active hostilities against the United States, to protect the innocent;
  • Prohibit the National Security Agency from intercepting phone conversations or emails or breaking and entering homes on the President’s say-so in violation of federal law;
  • Empower the House of Representatives and the Senate collectively to challenge in the Supreme Court the constitutionality of signing statements that declare the intent of the President to disregard duly enacted provisions of bills he has signed into law because he maintains they are unconstitutional;
  • Prohibit the executive from invoking the state secrets privilege to deny justice to victims of constitutional violations perpetrated by government officers or agents; and, establish legislative-executive committees in the House and Senate to adjudicate the withholding of information from Congress based on executive privilege that obstructs oversight and government in the sunshine;
  • Prohibit the President from kidnapping, detaining, and torturing persons abroad in collaboration with foreign governments;
  • Amend the Espionage Act to permit journalists to report on classified national security matters without fear of prosecution; and;
  • Prohibit the listing of individuals or organizations with a presence in the United States as global terrorists or global terrorist organizations based on secret evidence.

Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] arisbe...

“The controversy with the Attorney General is symptomatic of a more serious illness within this Administration – which is the desire for unchecked power,” said AFA Chairman Bruce Fein. “As fellow conservatives, we believe we have a greater responsibility than most to stand up to this particular Administration and demand that it respect the checks and balances established by the Founding Fathers. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, regardless of party affiliation, and we can no more remain silent to the abuses occurring under President Bush than we could if a President Clinton were in office. In advancing the American Freedom Agenda, we are all Conservatives, we are all Liberals, we are all Republicans, we are all Democrats. We are above all Americans who cherish the Constitution more than partisan advantage.”


May. 3rd, 2007 09:52 pm
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Holy crap! In the Republican Debate, McCain wasn't able to answer quickly when asked directly if he believed in evolution. And when the entire panel was asked who DIDN'T believe in evolution, three people raised their hands! I can't stop laughing!
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Tonight is the GOP debate. Why let it go by without a healthy dose of octogenarian competition.

Here's how you can create your own Republican Buzzword Bingo card!

I'd love it if you could post your bingo in the replies!

Holy Shit!

Apr. 14th, 2007 05:18 pm
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150 members of the Bush administration graduates of Pat Robertson's law school?!?!

Bill Maher covers it...

Holy shit, I'm gonna have to look into this some more.
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I got a call from my parents today that confused me. They had cut out my letter to editor of the Huntsville Times... one that I had honestly forgotted that I had written.

At three in the morning early last week, I went onto the Free The Hops website to see how the battle was going in our state legislature for higher alcohol beer. I was dissapointed to find out that the bill had been voted down. I was disgusted when I read the reasons BEHIND voting it down, but the real kicker was when I read that the Huntsville representative had voted no.

Huntsville is a very progressive city, so it totally baffled me. With people moving here from all over the country, it seemed totally logical that our city would stand behind this move to allow the sale of beer beyond the strict margins that were previously assigned. I decided to send an e-mail to my representative to voice my frustration, but I was worried it would seem empty and shallow by his office... so I needed to give it some weight... and I CC'd it to the Editor of the Huntsville Times.

So... here's what I wrote:

Text of the Letter behind the cut... )
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Here we see CNN telling us how it is...
Nevermind they forgot a republican deligation was just doing the same thing.

And here we see how Fox in Pheonix let us know that Britney Spears was voted the most foolish person in america...

No, really... they said Britney was the winner.

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