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Mar. 30th, 2007 02:41 pm
weswilson: (Angry)
I have been being slowly disempowered for the last six months.

It starts with small things. The wine reps get schmoozed by two of the waiters till they assume those guys are the ones doing the orders. The owner begins listening to the people working during her shift more than the manager working opposite her. Small conflicts are created to make me look like I don't know what I'm talking about.

I warned them. Just like at Chef Greens, I let them know the problems that were coming up. And just like at Chef Greens, nobody listens to me. Soon waiters are chaning the floorplan behind Aunia's back, the wine list is getting steamrolled with wines that nobody but two waiters know anything about, and things start getting rearranged that create chaos. The order that these chaotic Peter Pans need has been disembled.

I quit doing inventory. I quit even bothering with the wine reps when they come in. When people ask me about wines I have to truthfully tell them that I have no idea what half the wine on the wine list is. I had the coolers arranged for ease of use, now things are just shoved in all over the place.

So now I have two options. I can either fight to regain the authority that has been bled off me, or I can just let it go. I can start doing paperwork and organizing all this crap that everyone is just throwing about willy-nilly, or I can let them rot in their own mess. It seems anathema for me to just let go of things, but I'm tired of doing the gruntwork while other get to reap leadership benefits they aren't working for.

I'm about to be going to all nights. I could just go back to being a waiter three nights a week to make as much money as I'm making now. I could let go of all the responsibilities I have, and let others pick up the mantle. I'm tired of feeling unappreciated.

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