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Muhammad is Muslim for Motherfucker!

Muhammad was a sex addict

"You will respect mah authoritah!"

Hillary is a Russian Agent and Muhammad is her prison cellmate

You assholes ratfuck Mormons and Latter-day Saints which proves you all as "religious racists." Two can play this game, and if you censor this, you are hypocrites, because you badmouthed Mitt Romney because of his religion, and last I checked, there is no religious test in this nation. But libtards hate America secretly and overtly hate the Constitution and people who love America like Mitt Romney who tried to save this nation.

Now because of you all we have a Messiah! President Donald John Trump, a Visionary, a Genius, and a Philanthropist who is a self-made man and more moral and ethical than any of the other morons running for President.