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Introducing Duncan Grady Wilson... Born on March 19th at 9:40 pm...
He was 7lbs, 15.8oz and 21 inches long.
He's a little bigger now.

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She's been pushing for an hour and our baby's head just doesn't want to budge... he's facing the wrong way, so we're moving to a different room and proceeding with a caesarian.

Wendy is fine, she knows she did her best, but it's time for a different tactic.
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She's up to 7 centimeters. Probably only a few hours now.

She's out of pain, but feels a lot of pressure and is having trouble keeping herself from pushing.

Our wee one's heartbeat is dropping after some of her contractions, so she's on oxygen. It's keeping things under control, but it is the one thing that might end up making her have a caesarean. So here's hoping that stays under control.

A good chunk of the family has stopped in, but we packed them off to the waiting area. There's lots of love in the room, though.

My step brother dropped by. He and I don't interact much, but he wanted to come and say hey. He slipped me some money for the kid, and when I tried to tell him it was unnecessary, he looked at me and said, "Wes, it's the least I can do. You're gonna make a great dad. I'm really proud of you."
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6 1/2 hours after the pitosin started and she's only 2-3 centimeters. They broke her water, and we're seeing change... but it's slow... very slow. We need her to hit four for the epidural.

Nothing quite as fun as watching the love of your life suffering... I'd pick it all up if I could.

Otherwise, things are good. Wendy is a soldier.
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We're in L&D. They'll be putting a little pill on Wendy's Cervix any minute now to soften her up, and she'll get the pitosin to induce contractions in the morning.

Now? Watch TV. Play card games (We're going to learn the WoW TCG). And put up with family dropping by over and over and over again... heh.

I asked for a corner room, and we got it... but the layout is goofy and I don't have the desk-y type space I've had in other L&D rooms. But I got what I asked for, so it's not like I can complain.. :)

Wish us luck!

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