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I've gotten so disgusted with AM talk radio lately, that I can barely listen anymore. Their latest diatribes are so nonsensical and ludicrous that it makes me sick to think that people actually listen and believe.

The talking heads have been rallying against left-wing blogs as of late. They talk about the blogosphere as if it is some wild and furious force of unbridled power and brutal cunning. They rant about it like it's some previously unforeseen beast that has recently risen from the muck and seeks blood and souls for Lord Arioch. If my cell wasn't busted, I'd call every one of them up and say, "Have you never read Free Republic?!?!? Have you not SEEN Michelle Malkin's blog? Have you never even GLANCED at the right-wing venom that's been getting spit in the eye of Americans over the AM radio waves?" This "hate speech" that they harp on has been in right-wing blogs for years and years, they are simply too myopic in their hatred of the left to see anything that might come from their own political arena.

It reminds me of how they focus their ire on George Soros, tracking his political dollars like they were some incurable disease carriers. They seem to forget that the whole reason the neo-cons consolidated their power was their strong grassroots newsletter campaign. While wagging their fingers at such activity on the left, they forget that without the same type of behavior (given it was in a pre-internet variety) they wouldn't have what they have. It's not really disgust, I think, but a deep fear that the left has figured out their tricks.

The other day, I heard Michael Medved report that if the democrats got their way, they would have us all in gulags. GULAGS! I wanted to laugh, then I realized this guy has one of the top talk radio shows in the country. People listen to this garbage and support it. The next time you are pondering how the insidious left-wing media is ruining the political landscape, I'd like to know whether you have ever heard anyone claim the conservatives would re-institute the inquisition. The next time you are lamenting the cruel liberal influence of CNN and MSNBC, I'd like to know whether you have EVER heard the political commentators claim that republicans, as a party, are out to imprison normal people for their beliefs.

I continue to be baffled by the hypocrisy of right-wing pundits. How anyone can keep a straight face demonizing moderates for their beliefs sickens me. The political pendulum needs to swing faster, this partisanship is bad for my health.

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