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I got a call from my parents today that confused me. They had cut out my letter to editor of the Huntsville Times... one that I had honestly forgotted that I had written.

At three in the morning early last week, I went onto the Free The Hops website to see how the battle was going in our state legislature for higher alcohol beer. I was dissapointed to find out that the bill had been voted down. I was disgusted when I read the reasons BEHIND voting it down, but the real kicker was when I read that the Huntsville representative had voted no.

Huntsville is a very progressive city, so it totally baffled me. With people moving here from all over the country, it seemed totally logical that our city would stand behind this move to allow the sale of beer beyond the strict margins that were previously assigned. I decided to send an e-mail to my representative to voice my frustration, but I was worried it would seem empty and shallow by his office... so I needed to give it some weight... and I CC'd it to the Editor of the Huntsville Times.

So... here's what I wrote:

Text of the Letter behind the cut... )

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